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Looking for the best study abroad Consultancy? Discover your Study Abroad Future with the Aarnell Education and Training Pvt. Ltd.

Are you looking to broaden your horizons and expand your educational opportunities? Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience that opens up new doors and possibilities. But with so many options and details to consider, it can be overwhelming to navigate the process on your own. That's where the best study abroad Consultancy comes in - Aarnell Education and Training. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping students like you achieve their dreams of studying abroad.


Welcome to Aarnell Education, with over 6 years of experience in helping students achieve their dreams of studying abroad. We take pride in having successfully placed over 3000 students in international universities across 50+ countries. Our extensive experience has allowed us to work with 500+ international universities, enabling us to provide our students with a wide range of options to choose from.


Our team of experienced consultants understands the unique needs of each student and provides personalized guidance throughout the entire application process. We offer services ranging from university selection, application and admission assistance, scholarship guidance, visa and immigration support, and pre-departure briefings.

Our Believe

We believe that studying abroad not only provides students with excellent academic opportunities but also exposes them to diverse cultures, new perspectives, and valuable life experiences. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that our students have a seamless and fulfilling experience throughout their journey of studying abroad.

Our Approach

Our approach is student-centric, and we strive to create an environment of trust and transparency, ensuring that our students make informed decisions. We provide continuous support to our students even after their admission, and our goal is to help them achieve their academic and career aspirations.

If you are planning to study abroad and need guidance, Best Study Abroad Consultancy is here to help. Contact us today and let us help you achieve your dream of studying abroad.


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At the Aarnell Education and Training, our mission is to make studying abroad accessible and achievable for students from all backgrounds. We believe that education is a powerful tool for personal and societal growth, and we are passionate about helping students find the best opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge.


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